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Practical consulting services for Digital Transformation

Xmark Labs
About Us

Xmark Labs provides technology-focused business consulting services to a variety of small and large clients. We also provide product development services. The core of our business is helping companies with digital transformation.

Our primary activities are product development & strategy, technology & innovation deployment and corporate & product narrative.

Our client base is worldwide, with recent clients based in Europe, Asia and the USA.Historically, our services have included:

— Prototype product development. Example client: Tencent Holdings, Ltd.

— Product development. Example client: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
— Technology roadmaps. Example client: Hilti Corporation.
— Development and implementation of innovation programs. Example client: Wake Med Health & Hospitals
— Technology scouting. Example client: HTC.
— Business strategy development. Example client: 3Flow, inc.
— Technical content strategy and materials. Example client: National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
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